Which Is The Best? Power Bank, Solar OR Wireless Charger?

April 26, 2014 Product Blog

Kinkoo-best-power-bank-for-iPhone-5The world is being run by gadgets but the gadgets themselves are run by batteries. With the more and more gadgets and applications, today’s device battery is generally expected to last a day, and there is very little hope that in the near future there will be a corresponding significant increase in the energy capacity of their batteries.

The only solution is a backup battery, either power bank, solar or wireless charger, if you still want to remain mobile with your mobile devices: making phone call, browsing the net, playing games, watching videos and updating our status from everywhere and anywhere. So when it comes to choose the right one, which is the best?

What’s the best power bank?

0631_fathers_day_gifts_768x432_con_mainFirstly, it is important to understand what size battery you need and what you are trying to charge. Generally speaking, if an 8000mAh portable power bank will charge your 2000mAh battery phone at least 3 full times on a single charge, and as such, if recharge a 5000mAh tablet, ensure your power bank with at least the equivalent battery capacity.

The biggest pros for power bank is convenience, efficiency and attraction, and without limitation of time and place. Just as Kinkoo Infinite One, a best power bank for iPhone 5, with the outstanding performances in weight (5.7oz), size (handy, pocket-friend), design (ultra-slim, elegant), and massive 8000mAh capacity that charges up iPhone 5 up to 6 times before it’s recharged.

Pros and cons of mobile solar charger

solio_bolt_1__50972.1374814101.1280.1280Solar Charger’s biggest advantage is that it is renewable and free. Every day that the sun shines, solar panels can generate electricity that can be stored in battery banks or fed directly to power transmission lines. This same factor, in turn, its biggest disadvantage is that it only works during the day, although some panels will generate power in a light cloud cover. Besides, Solar Charger will also take a long time to charge up, so your smartphone may no longer seem like a practical emergency communication means.

Does WIreless Charging work?

SGS4Qi-9161Wireless charging emerges as required and has caught up with mobile phone industry. Its main power is electromagnetic induction, so you need a transmitter pad and a wireless receiver in the mobile phone, to transfer the charge to the battery. With the wireless charger, you will have no tangle of cords and risk of losing charging adapters. But if you often travel or do outdoor sports a lot, wireless charging device is not a good shopping choice. That’s because it does not provide or store power energy by itself, your smartphone must be kept on the pad for charging and cannot be moved around. What’s more, it also has the lower efficiency and heat wastage.

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